DialFree allows users to take advantage of Egypt's free-Internet system
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DialFree is an Internet-connection dialer that enables the user to take full advantage of Egypt's free-Internet system.
From the user's point of view, the free-Internet system differs from the traditional Internet-service-provider (ISP) system in two main aspects:
1. The user in the new system is no longer tied up to a single ISP for an extended period of time. Actually, the user has the opportunity to terminate a connection to an ISP in a moment and connect to another the very next moment.
2. The cost of the Internet phone calls in the new system represents the whole cost paid by the user, while it was only part of the cost in the traditional ISP system.

These two aspects of difference between the new and the traditional systems have the following ramifications on what is required of an Internet-connection dialer:
* The dialer must provide an easy and quick way for the user to pick and dial any of the free-Internet numbers (rather than cluttering the desktop with many connection shortcuts).
* The dialer must provide good visualization of the connection performance (speed) so that the user can compare and choose which provider to use.
* The dialer must provide an easy way for keeping the list of free-Internet numbers up-to-date.
* The dialer must enable the user to get a report of his Internet phone calls.

DialFree Features
* Dial all Egypt's free-Internet numbers from one dialer.
* Automatic update of the list of free-Internet numbers.
* View the details of the internet phone calls made over any period of time.
* Graphical display of speed (in & out).
* Send view-receipt email using the Mersal system.
* Privileged access to web community services (e.g., on-line school grades).
* Alarm clock.
* Convenient compact view to monitor performance while browsing.
* Customizable main-window image.

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